Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life gets in your eyyyyyes! (sung to the tune "Smoke gets in your eyes")

Well I started this blog with every intention of posting at least 3 times a week. Well Life Gets in your Eyyyyyees. Ok, The song is a stretch, but it's a pretty cool old song and I thought it would be kinda neat to

I realize now that I'm gonna have to do this when I can.

I've been a bit on the stressed side with the store that my husband and I own. It's doing really well, almost too well sometimes. Also my loverly daughter was in town with her boyfriend for a wedding. By the way anytime I refer to my husband, he will be known as J-Dubb and the loverly Daughter will be Pretty, Pretty Princess (Triple P for short) Boyfriend will be known as The T.

Before I sign off I'll show you a bit of the retail therapy I've been indulging in lately. You know I only buy for the theraputic value.

I am such a sucker for plaid! I got this at Old Navy. It's wool and gorgeous, and just to let you know
My Name is Lisa and I'm a Jacket Addict. Seriously, I own like, 15 coats (16 with this one). And that is an
accurate number 'cause I just counted....

This coat fits like a dream and the stitching feels and looks sturdy. I'm not a fan for Old Navy on shirts or sweaters. Reason being that I think they are too thin and cheaply made. But jeans and coats are great. I get all my jeans there (Go Diva style!) For coats, I've bought quite a few and have always been really satisfied with the quality. My greatest coat score, ya know the one they speak of in hushed tones, was when I got 3 coats that had all been marked down to 12 bucks each. SCORE!

I just checked and this coat has now been marked down to 29 potato skins (dollars for you who don't speak food-ese). It looks like it's available in -store and online and they have all kinds of other colors too.

If your diggin' this color you'll probably love it in the cream plaid  that I didn't know was available and that I'm now drooling all over my keyboard about.
Seriously, J-Dubb is giving me the stink-eye and muttering words to the effect of "You don't need no more stinkin' coats."...........

I'll have some more retail therapy items to show you and talk about next week when my
MAC cosmetics and LuckyScent orders come in. So, SEE Ya!

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